The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

3rd Rock Grid  is registered with the DMCA, or “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” which requires an “Online Service Provider” to adhere to certain standards to help protect the digital content of others.

In the spirit of this act, will do whatever is needed to protect content from being used without the consent of its owner.

This act requires that an Online Service Provider:

  1. Have no actual or constructive knowledge of infringing behavior.
  2. Realize no financial benefit directly attributable to the infringing activity, in a case in which the service provider has the right and ability to control such activity.
  3. When provided with proper notice of infringing material being posted on its network, the Online Service Provider “responds expeditiously to remove, or disable access to, the material that is claimed to be infringing.”

While the nature of our services do not allow us to monitor each and every item uploaded or used on our servers by our users, we do require each user to agree not to illegally use the content of others on our servers.

In this spirit, will, after receiving proper notice of such infringement, remove the offending content from any and all of our equipment.