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Sun, Jul 3, 2016

[COMPLETED] Grid Maintenance

UPDATE: Grid restart is complete, all regions are online and ready!  

Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Community Meetings

For the summer period the community meeting will be held 2 weekly. The next meeting will be on July the 9th and every two weeks after that until September the 3rd after which we will revert to weekly meetings. Kered Owl

Sun, May 15, 2016


3rd Rock Grid Will be having a grid  restart on Tuesday the 30th of August at 6pm grid  This will take approxmately two hours.  

Mon, Feb 15, 2016

Jessica Lyon from The Phoenix Firestorm Project Visit our Community Meeting

A big thank you to Jessica Lyon  Project Manager & Founder of The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc. who came to our Community Gathering last week at very short notice and so sadly only a few people from other grids managed to get over to hear her answering our questions on the future of the viewer […]

Mon, Feb 8, 2016

Grid Maintenance

3rd Rock Grid will be restarting the grid on Tuesday the 9th of February  at 6pm PST This is just general maintenance and do windows updates. Thank-you.

Mon, Jan 25, 2016

3RD Rock Grid Foundation and Community Unveils its New Welcome Centre for 2016

A little while ago I was standing in our Welcome Centre and thinking about the transitions that 3RG had gone through over the years. From a closed grid to a hypergrid, and from a commercial grid to a ‘Not for Profit’ Community Foundation . It wasn’t the same grid I landed on nearly five years […]