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Zinnia Frenzy

Real Name



I have been involved in virtual worlds since 2008, making my home in 3RD Rock Grid in 2011.

A lover of live music, I have helped set up the vibrant music scene on 3RG. I have a particular interest in how virtual worlds can make an impact in real life issues, and I am a major supporter and organiser of the annual Music and Art’s centred charity event ‘No Borders ROBstock’.

In October 2015 I was very proud to be asked by the original owners to join the group of Volunteer Directors and help in a small way to create the ‘Not For Profit Foundation’ we are today. My role as Program Director is to assist the community in any way I can. You will find me online daily and always willing to help with any queries you may have.

A big fan of hypergrid, I have made friends and contacts on numerous grids, who are willing to share their expertise, and their comradeship. Helping to make 3RG a valued part of the wider metaverse and enjoying the diversity it has to offer. I also write for the metaverse’s own publication.’Visionz’ magazine published monthly.

Living in the North East of England and retired from a career in Health and Social Services, I have more time to spend in virtual life, bringing with me a variety of skills to 3RG.