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On Friday November 21st at approx. 7am EST we will take the grid offline to perform an upgrade.
This upgrade will include moving us to the latest code and will also bring HyperGrid to 3RG.
By default, each “OWNED” region will “NOT” be HyperGrid Enabled.
We will provide tools for our users to allow each to selectively choose which of their regions, if any, will allow hyper grid visitors.
Initially, our HyperGrid export permissions will be very limited as we want to be sure we don’t get hurt by this.
Our initial testing on the beta grid has thus far been very successful and we feel confident our upgrade will go well.

There will be many changes to our platform during this upgrade so we expect the “Main” grid to be down until approx. 8pm on Sunday evening (11-23-14).
During this time, our Beta Grid will remain online.

Thank you for your patience.