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UF Starfleet Astraios Colony’s 5th Anniversary.

Sunday 10th January was the 5th Anniversary of UF Starfleet Astraios Colony on 3rd Rock Grid.

To mark the occasion, a Ceremony was held on the Ceremony Square, Starfleet Astraios region, which in addition to members of Starfleet, was attended by members of the wider 3RG Community.

5th Anniversary Ceremony - 1

Those gathered at the Ceremony heard about the arrival of UF Starfleet on 3RG some 5 years ago and the difficulties faced at the time. Then how the Colony settled and managed to build a SpaceStation and establish a Starfleet Academy. Also how the Colony expanded from a single region on 3RG, to the number of linked regions Starfleet regions there are today. Not only did the Colony expanded in size here on 3RG, but its membership also grew and spawned two new Starfleet Colony’s on other Grids in recent years. Thus Starfleet continues to explore strange new worlds, and seeks out new life, and new civilizations ….boldly going where no-one has gone before !

The Ceremony was followed by a Dance with Jeremy Nightshade as the DJ in the Banquet Hall, Starfleet Astraios region, which had been specially decorated by Karl Quar, to celebrate the event, including a large Birthday cake.

5th Anniversary Dance - 1A5th Anniversary Dance - 45th Anniversary Dance - 115th Anniversary Dance - 25th Anniversary Dance - 7








In addition to holding ‘Star Trek’ style role-play Missions every Sunday for its members here on 3RG, Starfleet Astraios hosts ‘Starfleet Boogie’ every Tuesday from 12.00hrs (grid time) and ‘Raktajino Hour’ every Saturday from 8.00hrs to 9.00hrs (grid time) to which everyone is invited come along for music, dancing and friendly chat.


If you are interested in joining Starfleet or would like any further information about UF Starfleet Astraios here on 3RG, please contact either David7 Bravin or Genny7 Markus in-world or by e-mail to or