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Thank you to all our AWESOME supporters!!!!



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On behalf of the ROBstock Team I would just like to thank everybody for making last weekend such a huge success. To every musician and artist who gave their time free and managed the technological issues we threw at them at times, making life just a bit more difficult. They shone – each and every one of them – and made the weekend so very special, that we smashed through the initial target for Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders – MSF on day two. The people who came from all over the metaverse to support us,  were generous beyond all expectations and I have never felt so proud or humbled,  as how as a team of people from all grids, put aside everything to support us, in breaking the 2nd target we set on the last day. I know we had a great weekends entertainment ,it was reflected in such a generous response and each and every donation.

A thank you to the small team on 3RG for making this happen. The ‘Welcome Team’ for getting people to the event and missing all the fun. The technical team for keeping the grid stable and all those behind the scenes who managed this huge event. The bloggers and grids who supported us. Those that had no affiliation to 3 RG as a grid, who stepped in, and filled spaces that occurred when real life stepped in. 

A small rest, and planning will start again for ROBstock 9 . And dare I say it will bigger and more ambitious- but maybe in a different format. We as a community, feel that Virtual Worlds can make an impact in helping real life issues, and by putting aside who or where we come from in the metaverse , we can work together to make amazing things happen. A huge hug to you all , and for those who missed the event through illness and bereavement our thoughts are with you. 

 Zinnia for ROBstock 2015.