Terms Of Region Sale

Obtaining a region in 3rd Rock Grid is easy and has many benefits, but also comes with several responsibilities.

When you agree to “lease” a region of land in our world you “Must” understand that this is “Virtual” property, that is, it doesn’t really exist outside of our virtual world, therefore you are essentially leasing the “Rights” to use a virtual plot of land that measures 256 meters x 256 meters or 65536 square meters total for the period of time listed on the order form. As stated above, this is “Virtual” land and only exists inside our world.
You also must understand your use of this virtual land must be consistent with our terms of service and your land will be subject to revocation if these terms are broken. If you break any of our terms of service and your use of the region has been revoked, none of the money you have paid will be refunded.

These terms are written in such a way to be easily understood, if you should have any questions please contact our tech support at support@3rdrockgrid.com for clarification.

If you do not agree to these terms you cannot purchase a region in 3rdrockgrid.com.