Terms Of Region Sale

Terms Of Region Sale

Obtaining a region in 3rd Rock Grid is easy and has many benefits. You are free to build anything you like on it, organise parties, role play or other events, sell or share your creations (buildings, clothing, textures, animations, landscapes, etc), even rent out parcels to others, your imagination is the only limit! OK, having said this, you do have to observe our Terms Of Service (TOS), which do list a few things you cannot do in our virtual world.

Furthermore, please note that the region/land you obtain is virtual land, it does not exist outside this virtual world. Effectively this means you are obtaining the right to use a chunk of computer generated land. This right to use continues as long as you keep up with the agreed payments.

We offer the following region options:
Standard region: an area of 256×256 meters, with a choice of allowed prim counts (the number of objects you may put on it)
Variable region: a multiple of the standard region without internal borders, with a prim count to match.
Water region: an add-on region, mostly water (90%), and with a low prim limit, one per standard or variable region.

if you should have any questions please contact our tech support at support@3rdrockgrid.com for clarification.

If you do not agree to these terms you cannot purchase a region in 3rdrockgrid.com.