Bringing Yourself Over

By now, you might undeniably miss the stylish glamor of your previous fully-loaded avatar from a somewhat similar grid. Unlike other residents who completely want to start over and leave the past far behind, the longing of familiarity is a normal comfort. Fortunately, not all hope is downright lost for regaining some of your former virtual life. Recovering the most noteworthy characteristic, in particular your avatar shape, of your previous appearance is fairly simple.

First, you must log in to the compatible grid onto the avatar account you wish reclaim your prior persona. Then and there, open the appearance option and merely copy the measurements of the avatar shape such as hand size 8 or waist 52 on an easily accessible Word Pad or Notepad to be saved as “My Avatar Shape.” Once again, open your 3rd Rock viewer on to your brand-new avatar and open the appearance option by left clicking yourself until your select appearance. Once standing in the usually “T” pose for editing appearance, all you have to do is apply the measurement numbers in the correct measurement spot. To finish, select “save” or “save as” to permanently preserve the shape. Ta-DA. You did it!

As can be visually seen, you are on your road to recreating your earlier character once more.

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Let’s Get Started

Handing over your unique individuality to form an avatar in a new virtual community has a few challenges. Of course once you find the sign up page (, there is always the extra moments used glaring in to the air and back to the computer screen because the first significant choice is determining a name that absolutely symbolizes your avatar. Then, there is the typical information regarding settling on a starter avatar, confirming your email address, verifying your age, and releasing the top secret to your discovery of the grid. However, 3rd Rock stops similarities here.

3rd Rock actually sends an email to activate your avatar meaning you cannot login the grid without it. Hopefully, after clicking the link in the email, it directs you to a site with a green and circular “play” button. If the site refuses to load, then don’t worry. Likely, it’s your firewall or antivirus strongly blocking the access to the site which means that you have to allow the page to load. Once your avatar is activated, it’s time to get started on a trip to the 3rd Rock grid. Depending on your graphic settings, you will notice that your avatar is a puffy cloud or glowing egg before your avatar is uploaded in the system. Again, don’t worry if this process takes a minute or two minutes. In fact, don’t worry if you picked the wrong gender like I did on my time setting up an avatar. Thankfully, there is a welcome greeter to aid you with all the ins and outs of 3rd Rock. Remember, the welcome greeter is there to help you get started on setting up your custom avatar and any other beginner questions you may have about 3rd Rock. Other technical questions should be directed to customer support. Otherwise, let your greeter be your guide to your virtual life.

In the end, signing up for an extraordinary virtual life may have a few troubles but it’s worth trying to overcome them especially once you have the welcome greeter on your side.