Just like real life, there are certain days that everyone marks with a blissful smirk like joyful, white Christmases and tender, warm Valentine Days. In the same way as those holidays, we virtually celebrate meaningful lifetime occasions on 3rd Rock Grid with close friends and some delightful music. A few week ago, there was a spectacular virtual surprise birthday party for our boss Butch. It was the first time on 3rd Rock that I realized that is important to share these exceptional moments online as well as in real life because it’s extraordinary moments, like birthdays, that we are able to connect with special people in our lives.

Obviously, everyone wearing mustard yellowish colored cone birthday hats and sincerely cheering “happy birthday” is a smaller fragment of the bonding time. It’s about sharing the merrymaking preparation responsibilities of gathering enough brightly covered chairs and tables, trusting each other to achieve the common vision of creating an oversized party banner hung between two bouquet of flowing balloons, having group conventions about the next big invention by your favorite company, snapping a handful of photos to capture the life of the party, and other smaller details before finally celebrating the last minutes of birthday boy’s or girl’s day. Essentially, personal relationships and communities are built on these “good old” moments transforming into peaceful memories whether it’s a virtual or real life setting. In the end, the main thing that matters is being with special online or real life friends and family during the times that mean the most to you.