Looking for Freebies

The hunt and search for quality freebies is a never-ending quest for newer avatars. Sometimes, it can feel like being directed on an operation to retrieve a rare micro jellyfish in the world’s largest ocean. Although there are excellent freebies at the shops surrounding the Welcome Center, other freebie centers are hard to find on the grid. From my countless hours of roaming 3rd Rock Grid, I found that having an experienced friend makes the time consuming task a lot easier.

For one thing, a more experienced friend may have a few tricks and knowledge of exactly where the quality freebies are located. Surely, if the friend is expert creator then he or she might even show you to fabricate exceptional clothing templates or an alternative creation. By all means, cheerily take all the assorted landmarks and wise tricks but don’t forget to thank your friend for his or her time. Of course, this action most certainly assures that this person will think about when he or she comes across the next best freebie. After all, building up your inventory with quality goods is a rocky road but it can be accomplished.