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Finding The Party

“Where’s the best hang out spots?,” you asked. Well, finding popular places on 3rd Rock isn’t as hard as you’d like to think on an up and coming grid. Essentially, there are three methods to finding hot spots on the grid. Option one is maximizing the potential of your viewer, whereas the other two options are going to recommended places and exploring the 3rd Rock grid.

Being the social beings that we are as humans, it only makes sense to seek out lively places to talk and have fun by simply going to events. Most clubs, live performances, and special fair celebrations can be discovered in the search under the “events” tab. Thankfully, the events usually list the dates as well as times of the events along with a landmark to teleport your avatar to the correct spot. Unfortunately, every viewer isn’t created equally as far as user friendly layouts are concerned. From the information that I gathered as a reporter, certain viewers aren’t recommended for this task such as Cool VL Viewer which some users have difficulty finding landmarks. Although selecting the right viewer for you is important, there is always the back-up plan of bookmarking the 3rd Rock Event Calendar ( to stay up-to-date on any nearing events.

On the other hand, the option of visiting recommended places can be achieved by asking seasoned friends or even the welcome greeters for popular landmarks to places like The Monkey Bar and Lounge. Indeed, this is a place that was recommended to me as a newcomer. From my experience there, I found that I enjoyed using recommended places because it seemed to correspond with my personality better than searching for random events and finding other avatars gathered in the same place was almost an instantaneous affair. Still, nothing beats exploring the 3rd Rock world. For the adventurous type of avatars, this can be an one of kind chance leading to the discovery of a cool zombie role playing sim, a fancy beach retreat region, or something that you might not have found otherwise in the remaining options.

To sum it completely up, one of these options will help you find the perfect hang out spot. So, try one the next time you login 3rd Rock.