Our Team

Sunny Tomorrow

Real name: Jackie *My brother picked the name Jack… I was supposed to be a boy but fooled them*
Lives in St Louis, Missouri home of the fabulous St Louis Cardinals and St Louis Rams and St Louis Blues


One of the first pioneers in 3rg, like #12 or so to sign up… leaving that other grid after about 2 years… not much of a virtual traveler.. 3rg is my heart and home 🙂

I am still a caretaker so a very busy household… my son, daughter and 2 grandkids all live with me so I do tend to be afk quite often.. but do try to return IM’s upon re-entry to the virtual world.

Areas of Concentration:
Well.. it is hard to concentrate sometimes but I guess my strong point is just general grid helper. I help where I can, help with grid restarts.. try to answer questions and fix problems…….. some building.. a little of this.. and a little of that. I tend to hang out at the welcome center to greet new people as they enter our grid for the first time and show them around. I’ve been asked by a couple people as they filter back through the welcome area if I ever move from there hehe. I am basically a people person and enjoy helping.