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Sit Positions after upgrade…..

During our previous upgrade on Dec. 26th, 2014 we decided to move back to the “Out of the box” sit positions.
Several years ago the “sit” position in OpenSim was different than it is today.
When the change was first made, we decided to stay with the old sit position which caused us to change each new version before we upgraded to maintain this old sit position.
This was great for our current users at the time as they would not need to change the sit positions in all of their items, but.. it has always caused issues for new users coming to our grid from others since many of their scripts, etc would be using current sit positions while we were still using the old ones.
The decision to change back to the “Stock” opensim sit positions was not welcomed by many, but this was a needed change to make sure our grid is inline with what new users coming to our grid expect. We do not want to provide any reason for a new user to not want to be a member of our grid. This was an issue for many new users and we thought it best to make the switch now, as with each new user increase, those who would not be happy with the changes later would increase.