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Satyr Community Farm on the region Detta

Join the expanding community of Satyr farmers by starting your own farm, or joining the Community Farm on Detta.

Here you can plant and grow your own crops, harvest them and feed your animals or make goods to sell for points. Raise chickens, cows, goats, rabbits and many other animals. Keep them fed and watered on the crops and fruit you grow, or they will die on you. Breed them and raise the babies and watch your farm expand. Have a go at making whisky, cognac, beer or pastries. Press your olives and grapes to make oil and wine.

It is time consuming watching over your critters and so a community farm for the residents has been set up to allow us all to take part.

Development is still going on as the scripts are being modified to suit peoples’ own preferences, and bugs being rectified by keen scripters who have taken to their hearts this fun game. To join the 3RG Farm contact Kered Owl or Zinnia Frenzy to be grouped. Or visit us at

If you want to start your own farm, you can collect the latest SatyrFarm package on OpenSimWorld:

Join the SATYR Farm-ers of Open Sim group on Google+ for tips and hints.

The group has a list of farms to visit, and you can keep fellow farmers on their toes by naming and shaming those who are letting their animals go hungry and get tips and hints on how to keep things in shape.

Have fun