Region Pricing

Region Pricing 

Private Regions
A Private region can only be located away from our “Main” continent or land mass and is protected from neighbors on all sides. We will never allow another user to place a region next to your region unless the user has your permission and this permission is expressed to us. Private Regions include Estate Management Tools and you can designate additional “Estate Managers”. Terraforming, or land editing is limited to +-100 meters. Region can be any rating you choose; PG, Mature, or Adult.

 Variable Regions
These regions are four or sixteen times the size of a standard region and are ideal for those that want plenty of space to build large items or give yourself water to sail plus have plenty of room to build.

Our Pricing

Private Regions

Maximum Prims8,00015,00020,00030,00050,000
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Variable Regions

2 x 2 VARIABLE REGION20,000$20.00
3 x 3 VARIABLE REGION30,000$30.00
4 x 4 VARIABLE REGION40,000$40.00
5 x 5 VARIABLE REGION50,000$50.00
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Setup Charges:
There is no setup charge for any region types.