People, Perspectives, and Purpose

People, Perspectives, and Purpose
by Lazuli Pooraka


The other day while discussing the value of virtual existence with a few virtual friends, I was struck with the an overpowering recognition that the people surrounding me, even if only in their virtual forms, were some of my closest friends that I have ever had. I was aware that I had not met any of these people in my physical life but knew that each of them impacted my life as strong (or stronger) than the family and friends I shared existence in the physical world. Powerful relationships like these become a part of you, deep inside you and effect your  mental makeup. What I have come to know about my priorities in virtual existence is that people matter most and each one of us have our individual challenges and our gifts. As a virtual person I want strong and valuable relationships in my life and I want very much to have people find the incredible gift I have found in virtual life, each other. I want to be less concerned with me, and become more of a participant in the virtual we.


Astraios-WelcomeCenterThere have been many opportunities for me to gain insight and awareness from these virtual experiences. This effort has been in part a wonderful uplifting challenge and in other respects a frustrating energy draining weight, both have held great value to me. Through it all there has been one primary perspective that drives me to continue; Building a better world based on respect, empathy, and compassion! I do not want to be a leader but empower people to lead, I don’t want to create a world, I want to provide the palette where we paint a better world, together.


3RD rock grid  (3RG) has come through some challenges over the years, the grid itself has been created, supported, and populated by thousands of people over the course of it’s 6 years of life. The grid exists today, not because of my efforts, but because of a many people who gave their talents and efforts to keep the grid operating. Without their efforts we would be in the history books of virtual grids of the past. Both the grid technical efforts and the community building aspects of the grid owe a debt of gratitude to all who have, are, and will contribute and participate in the 3rd Rock Grid effort. Thank you.


To every single person that has been in 3RG,  participated in the support of the grid, website, land development, community, greeting, educational, and  event efforts, Thank You for your efforts.


Those of you who provide or have provided your musical and artistic skills to make 3rd Rock Grid a leading grid in entertainment, Thanks to You.


Those of our citizens that have found the ability to rent our virtual space to create your awesome content, and the merchants and consumers that participate in our economy, allowing us to create a solid hardware platform to create today’s more secure, stable, and available 3rdRockGrid, Thank You.


The great beauty of a platform like OpenSimulator is that the grid content is created by the citizens efforts. We have been fortunate to have had and continue to attract high quality builders that show their great skills and love for creativity in the many builds  that are already part of our grid experience. With the new “Themed Core” concept, we expect to see even more public space created for your virtual enjoyment. We are committed to making 3RG an enjoyable experience and exciting adventure for all of our citizens.


There is much to see in 3RG.