New OpenSim Association… We Need You!

About a week or so ago I placed a post on the HyperGridBusiness website suggesting the creation of a new organization for all of the Grid Owners. The response to this proposal has been very great.
It seems many of the OpenSim based grids feel like such an organization is not only needed, but many have indicated support for such an organization.
Surprisingly, the response from others segments of the OpenSim Community was even larger.

My idea for a “Grid Owners” organization has now morphed into an organization for the entire OpenSim Community.
This organization has the potential of doing great things for the entire community, with ideas including Crowdfunding for new features, bug fixes, and enhancements, central resource repository, sharing of information and experiences, a directory of OpenSim based worlds and the list goes on and on.

This organization would be one formed by the community, for the community, and governed by the community.
All resources generated by the organization would be open to the entire community, including any and all crowd funded improvements, bug fixes, etc. as all code would be contributed back to the “Core” opensim code to be redistributed to all.

This organization would be open to developers, users, grid owners, and vendors.

Please read the post @ Hyper Grid Business, including the comments.
If, after you’ve read this and you think it is a good idea, please visit: and register.

Remember, we are currently in the beginning phase of defining our structure and goals and your input matters!