Minethere Builds Regions One Mountain at a Time

MinethereMinethere Always, a self taught builder, is expanding her love of creating raw terrains on numerous grids. Through the creative efforts of terraformers, land is shaped to represent all matter of terrains, everything from tropical to mountains.


On Third Rock grid, she smoothed out a number of regions to make them much more presentable. She gave the grid a number of free terrains and oars, which are entire regions, prims, settings and ground. She also does private landscaping to suit the landowners’ need.


Minethere is multi-grid voyager. I’d met her on InWorldz. She came to 3rd rock grid when she was expanding out into the metaverse. She was offered a parcel and began creating RAW terrains, which are the entire grounds of a region.


The first region she created was in a closed commercial grid, she tells me as she scanned the fishing area that Linda and Punk Rock decorated. Some of the best creators in the metaverse allow her to use their items, with permission, to landscape a region. Ideas are generated from many places. She’s created high mountain terrains, rivers, hills and ponds.


She doesn’t scale the landscapes according to the size of the avatar, but she will gauge them by walking through the areas.


“I fly them to do the rough outs and walk to do the final smoothing,” she explained. “I have about 100 different regions on my harddrive.


Log on to her online store to see what she has available:  She sells all types of terrains, depending on the needs of the individual or couple. She doesn’t have any one type of bestseller. A lot of the work she does in-world is done by hand.


If you were to purchase a raw terrain, you would get a download link. After downloading, you can then upload to any region you own or rent. The ground textures do not save with the file so you would have to do that yourself. It’s a simple upload using estate tools.


“Or I can come in and do that.  My minimum is $15 USD or equivalent in a grid and I do accept tips, which I often get,” she said with a smile.