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Livin the Grid by Filemina Quinzinio

Filemina Quinzinio
Filemina Quinzinio

Hello there. I did not know how to start this small text , so opt for the obvious and begin saying that this is all about: I am the user (mostly) the avatar known as Filemina Quinzinio, and this text below is a summary of my experience on 3rd rock grid

People in RL sometimes thinks that what happens within the grids is false, an illusion that has us all captivated on unattainable dreams and fantasies . But I’m faithful to the idea that sometimes it through the ilusion when we learn most of our reality.

Before, I was the girl who sat up the back of the room , hoping not to be noticed … And when I was noticed, I didn’t feel that I should be taken for consideration, because in my point of view, I did not deserve it . In the past I hardly made eye contact with people I was talking to, and it was even harder to have me on an active role in the conversation. Before the grid , I had only had a boyfriend , which (making a big summary on that issue) was a complete moron. Sounds sad, but the truth is that I used to be like that, and I didn’t feel so bad about myself.

The town at Virreynato
The town at Virreynato

I entered the grid because a person I admire outside the grid (known in there as Juana deAsbaje ) was “experimenting” to be “baroque” in the computer. On the night of October 6 , knowing nothing more than how to move and talk ( old skills obtained in SL) , I got in… and in the few moments I was there with Juana, I realized I wanted more. My first achivment was joining the project Virreynato, of course, I was not as bright as Aldo and Juana. Surprisingly, one of the nights I was working in the grid , a classmate asked me which was the trick to “be different” inside. I changed my way of being inside the grid… and I had not even noticed, so I decided to do a series of experiments.

Have you ever heard of “The Hero with a Thousand Faces“ of Joseph Campbell? It is one of my favorite book since high school (not much time has passed since then…), in it, Campbell talks about a 12-step path in which people go through to have a change on their lifes. Well , I decided that the grid would became my path of adventure, and a change actually happened, because I let myself being carried away by the experience.

Within a few months I felt I should complicate the experience because somehow Filemina is my way of being , so I made Eduardo. It was when I was him that I behaved in a more extroverted way, and I met even more people through being him. After Marina came, the complete antithesis of Filemina, I set her as exclusive avatar of Virreynato (by its nature , be careful not to get her out… And indeed there were few people with whom I had contact).

Well, what resulted from all this? My life changed , and I just not became the most extroverted person in the world… But I have made many new friends , I have improved the relationships already had, and I’ve even gone out with several guys since I started my experiment on the grid more consciously . I’ve learned to be a leader , to propose my own ideas, to become more involved in different projects in RL … I learned to use Photoshop , Illustrator , Blender , and I grew curious to learn new tools ( I liked both of these tools to learn , I’ve begun to take college classes to enhance what I’ve learned ). It is true that I might not have returned to the grid as I used to on the first months, but I always have it on mind (it is so deep on my thoughts that I have made my thesis about the aesthetics of the Metaverse, how cool is that?). Whether I login with Filemina, Eduardo or Marina; I try to learn something new from them (my alter egos) and the people I know (the other users), to learn more about the arts-and-crafts in there, and the most important thing for me: to understand me better.