Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the content I make in your world “My” content? Or does it also belong to 3rdrockgrid.com?
A: Anything you create inside 3rdrockgrid.com remains yours and yours alone. We do not claim ownership of your creations in whole or in part and will never make such claims.
Q: Will my content be protected from theft by others?
A: 3rdrockgrid.com will always do our best to protect all of your content. We have a long history of content protection. As a matter of fact, in 2008 our grid became the very first grid to offer ANY type of protection for our user’s content. No other grid offered this at the time.
Q: What about CopyBot? Do you allow it, or have ways to protect against it?
A: WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANY USE OF COPYBOT – Anyone found using it will be banned and will face criminal charges. Unfortunately, due to the nature of various copybots and the code used to make them, we cannot completely stop the usage of such software, but we do our best and content theft is taken seriously by everyone at 3rd Rock Grid. There is a pretty good writeup on this issue on the opensimulator.org website: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Hypergrid_Security
Q: Is my content protected in anyway from loss of data?
A: Yes. 3rdrockgrid.com makes nightly (PST) backups of each region on our grid and we keep the last 5 backups made.
Q: What type of equipment does 3rd Rock Grid use and where is it located in the world?
A: 3rdrockgrid.com owns/uses professional grade servers made by Dell and HP. They are all located in a datacenter in Flordia – USA. This facility is secure, has redundant, fast connections to the internet using multiple cross connects to several different networks. This facility is a professional datacenter with all expected features such as filtered air, generator backup, and is fully secured.
We maintain and manage all of our equipment.
Q: What about game money? Do you have it?
A: Yes. 3rdrockgrid.com was THE very first opensim-based grid with a working economy.
Q: Is there a way for me to bring my content from another virtual world to your virtual world?
A: In some cases yes – other cases not.
Q: Can I use my game money from another virtual world here?
A: No. We use our own form of game currency which is not shared by any other virtual world.
Q: Is this virtual world truly free?
A: You can join our world for free, and your account is not limited. We do not differentiate between types of accounts. All accounts have the same status — FREE!
Q: Why do I see references to “buying” land and “leased” land. What is the difference?
A: You don’t really “OWN” land in any grid; you simply own the rights to use the virtual land that is paid much the same way as a lease. We sometimes refer to the act of owning the rights to a piece of land as “owning” the land. You essentially are a “virtual owner” for all intents and purposes.
Q: Why would I want to lease land in this world?
A: You are not required to buy anything or lease land in our world, as there are many opportunities for you to use public lands and the land that your friends own. Most users choose to lease their own land as they can then personalize their own space and do what they like.
Q: When I try to buy land I can’t, and the “Buy Land” option is grayed out (not active) in my viewer. How can I fix this?
A: If the land you are trying to buy has a rating of “Mature” and you have your viewer settings for PG only, your rating limitation will cause this issue. Change your settings, or buy land that is PG rated.
Q: Some things do not work here like they do in SL. Why is that?
A: While our platform is very similar to SL and other grids, it is also very different.

We do not strive to be an SL clone, although some users have come to expect this. We also do not try to be like any other grid. We do share a common source code with many other grids, but each grid is free to make changes to this code in order to add features, change the way some things work, etc. Our goal is to provide a platform that can be enjoyed by many, for different reasons. Some may like us for our “SL-like” features, while others may like us for our tech support, and still others may find our community to their liking.

If you are expecting an exact clone of SL, you will not find it here.