So step one was to create an avatar that will be your alter-ego on 3RD Rock Grid (3RG) …

Step two is to download and install a viewer that connects you to 3RG. Think of this viewer as an internet browser, but then for virtual worlds. And where you have a choice of internet browsers for browsing websites (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, …), there are various viewers available for getting into virtual worlds.

Note that we are not affiliated with any of the viewers we name and/or recommend. The list below is purely based on what we and the citizens of 3RG know to work and like best. Any viewer that supports the OpenSimulator (OS) protocols, can be used. On the Wiki of, a page is dedicated to compatible viewers (check it out).

Currently we recommend to use the Firestorm viewer, again purely based on what our 3RG citizens tell us. Feel free to try any of the other viewers too, they are all gratis, and installing them is typically very easy. Click on a link in the table below to go to the website of the viewer of your choice. Select and install a version for your computer.

Viewer Operating system Notes
Firestorm Win / Linux / Mac Make sure you install the SL & Opensim version
Alchemy Win / Linux / Mac
Cool VL Win / Linux / Mac Does not display var-regions in the Map window correctly, which is a bit inconvenient in 3RG. Other than that, a good viewer
Singularity Win / Linux / Mac Not been updated for a long time, some small problems with avatar mesh in the last release