Download a Viewer

If this is your first time visiting a virtual world like 3rd Rock Grid, it may come as a surprise to find out that there are many different virtual world browsers you can use. We call these virtual world browsers “viewers,” and you use them like you use any web browser. But instead of visiting a web page, you visit a web space in a virtual world.

To keep things simple, 3rd Rock Grid has a recommended viewer choice for you. Currently our recommended viewer is Firestorm. We have established that Firestorm works “best for most users” in 3rd Rock Grid. (However, feel free to connect with any viewer you are already comfortable with.)

NOTE: If you connect using the Cool VL viewer, after installing Cool VL, go to the Edit > Preferences screen, select the Audio & Media section, turn off “media and audio stream filtering,” and turn on “play parcel streaming music when available.”

Choose your Viewer:
Singularity Viewer
Kokua Viewer — Thoria Millgrove’s favourite.

Firestorm Viewer

CtrlAltStudio Viewer


For Android devices, there is a commercial product called Lumiya available on Google Play for a small fee. Note that, while it is an impressive work, hardware limitations on Android devices will tend to make the experience a bit slow as compared to desktop systems.

Download the recommended viewer for Android


Please note that 3rd Rock Grid does not create or own any rights to the recommended viewers but has selected them from a large range of available virtual world viewers.