Yesterday, One of our owners, Lazuli Pooraka announced his departure from virtual worlds to tend to Real life needs.
I know all too well how real life can grab hold of you and take you from the virtual spaces, as I too was forced to leave virtual worlds back in 2008 and did not return until Oct. 2012.

He has assured me that his departure is not health related, but his participation in the virtual space is consuming more time than he has available to tend to real life needs.

As the creator of 3rd Rock Grid, I am thankful for the efforts of anyone who has ever been a part of 3rd Rock Grid as it has been the sum of these efforts which has allowed our grid to remain online.
I truly believe the efforts Lazuli put forth in our grid literally saved it from extinction as it was his direction and guidance which has gotten us to this point and for this I thank him.

For those of you worried that 3RG may change, don’t be worried.
We still have the core beliefs that 3RG was founded on and we will continue to strive to make 3rd Rock Grid the best grid we can.

Maybe we’ll still see Lazuli from time to time as real life permits as this will always remain his grid as well as ours.

Thank you Lazuli, from all of us and don’t forget to visit when you can!