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Community Gathering Minutes/Chat Logs

Heya 3rg’ers…..

Copies of the community meeting minutes and chat logs are now available in 3 locations: in ‘Our Town’ on the main lower deck, in ‘Welcome’ on our new pager/info board located by one of the ramps, and also at the 3rd Telehub office, located in ‘Commerce’. ¬†It is recommened that our citizens take a copy and familiarize themselves with the previous weeks minutes from the meetings. The meetings have also been reduced from every Saturday to the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, at least through the summer. ¬†Meetings are held to bring together citizens and admins to discuss many grid related items and ideas. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend and contribute. There is also a new suggestion box in Welcome for our citizens to drop a notecard in with any suggestions you might want to share with the grid.