Server repairs

On two of our servers a disk mirror has failed. We are replacing the faulty disk. Some regions may not be available during that time. Sorry for any inconvenience


Server restart

One of our servers went down around 7am this Friday. It needed some help to get back up …All should be back to normal now.

Sorry for any inconvenience

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Satyr Community Farm on the region Detta

Join the expanding community of Satyr farmers by starting your own farm, or joining the Community Farm on Detta.

Here you can plant and grow your own crops, harvest them and feed your animals or make goods to sell for points. Raise chickens, cows, goats, rabbits and many other animals. Keep them fed and watered on the crops and fruit you grow, or they will die on you. Breed them and raise the babies and watch your farm expand. Have a go at making whisky, cognac, beer or pastries. Press your olives and grapes to make oil and wine.

It is time consuming watching over your critters and so a community farm for the residents has been set up to allow us all to take part.

Development is still going on as the scripts are being modified to suit peoples’ own preferences, and bugs being rectified by keen scripters who have taken to their hearts this fun game. To join the 3RG Farm contact Kered Owl or Zinnia Frenzy to be grouped. Or visit us at

If you want to start your own farm, you can collect the latest SatyrFarm package on OpenSimWorld:

Join the SATYR Farm-ers of Open Sim group on Google+ for tips and hints.

The group has a list of farms to visit, and you can keep fellow farmers on their toes by naming and shaming those who are letting their animals go hungry and get tips and hints on how to keep things in shape.

Have fun


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Hypergrid Safari Visited 3RG

We had a great visit and it was a lot of fun.

Thanks to everybody who came and I hope you got an impression of how the grid has progressed over the 10 years since it opened to the public. I never got a chance to thank all the people who have come through this grid, and contributed to making the grid it is today. We are in their debt for creating one of the most extensive mainland regions to explore . Our tech staff for making it the stable and excellent platform for our users it is today. The Foundation and Community are continuing to improve and preserve historical builds while creating new and more interactive regions .

Michel Farrell supplied the music from his real file radio show

Hugs all


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Hurricane Irma Update

Just a quick message to let you know the position of the datacentre after the hurricane

They went back on utility power on the 11th at approx. 8:30am EST
all system have been back to normal since then.

Generators help grids stay up through Florida hurricane

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As some may already know, our data center is located in Florida and is in the path of Hurricane “Irma”.
We will keep the grid online as long as possible, but at first sign of any issues at the Data center we will be shutting down the servers in hopes of protecting them from damage.
We do have backups stored on Amazon and Azure, but due to the sizes of the files it would take a very long time to transfer these files back to Florida after the storm and then rebuild any damaged servers, so it would be best to try protecting them from damage in the first place.
Without being able to know what the actual impact of the storm may be, we are actively monitoring the situation with the data center and will do what is best to save the equipment.

Our plan is to leave the servers running for as long as we can.
The data center has dual backup generators with enough fuel to stay online for 2 weeks and the building is a very well constructed building rated to withstand a cat 5 hurricane. It is a multifloor building and some of our servers are on the first floor and some of our servers are on the 2nd floor.
The most serious issue we are looking at is “Storm Surge” which is expected to be between 1-3 feet at the data center. If this should happen, some of the first floor servers will be at risk of flooding and in this situation they will be shutdown if needed without warning.

Additionally, even though the data center has backup generators, power won’t do us any good without data connectivity, so if something were to happen there, we’re at the mercy of repair crews.
While we expect to keep running for as long as we can, it would be wise to expect sudden loss of service in case we need to shut down servers, or in case of damage to data lines in the area.

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Community Meetings

Community meetings resume at 1pm September 2nd

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3RG Star Trek Annual Masked Ball

Come join all your friends from all over the metaverse in the

Officers Mess, Starfleet Astraios ( 158, 110, 21 )

Hypergrid to Astraios

Contact Genny7 Marcus or David Bravin for more information



How do you setup an account at Gloebit

Well, Christopher Colosi from Gloebit was kind enough to send a step by step guide on how to do this.

It’s important to know, GEODES and Gloebit cannot both exist on the same region, so you must make a choice.
By default, our entire grid is setup to use GEODES currency, but if you would rather use Gloebit on a region you own, we can do this for you.
It’s also important to know, if you currently have a GEODES balance and you go to a Gloebit enabled region, your GEODES balance will not be shown while you are in the Gloebit enabled region. Once you go to another non Gloebit enabled region, your GEODES balance will once again become available to you.
If you are just using gloebits
1. Sign up for a Gloebit account if you don’t already have one.

a) Go to
b) Enter an email address and password to create the account
c) Cilck on the link in the email we send to the address to confirm that email address

You only need the above to spend Gloebits


If you want your region to be set to use GLOEBITS
2. Request permission to create apps from this Gloebit account.

a) Go to and fill in the form and click submit. We just need some basic contact info.
b) Company name and address are optional. If the region/grid is owned by a company, they should enter the company information.
c) Product name should probably be the grid/region name
d) Product description is optional. They can provide more information about the grid/region if they would like.
e) Product url should be the url of the website for the grid or region if they have one. If they don’t, I would enter the login-uri.
f) The Contact name email and phone number should be the real life info of someone in charge of this grid or region (probably whoever is signing up).
g) EIN/SSN is optional and they can leave this blank.
h) Click submit.
i)  We’ll review this, and barring any surprises, will grant them access to create apps

3. Create an app

a) Once access has been granted, go to
b) At the top, click on “Configure” to edit an existing app, or “Create an Application” to create a new one. This will bring you to the app settings page.
From App Settings
c) Enter a name (probably the grid or region name) and short description. These are what users will see when they are asked to authorize your grid or region to access their Gleobit account (as well as the logo below).
d) Publisher can be left blank. It is displayed on our app discovery page and is a way that a company with many apps could show they are all owned by the same company. They can put their grid/company name in. They could also put 3rd Rock Grid in to show that you are the hosting provider.
e) Upload a Logo url. This is important because users see it when authorizing. We recommend rough dimensions of 169px wide x 108px high. We will shrink the image down to fit inside those dimensions.
f) Return-to Text can be left blank. It’s not worth explaining.
g) Default Return-To URI should be set to the web page for their grid or some url which explains what their grid is or how to connect. It can be left blank if they don’t have a website.
h) Make application findable. If they check this box, once we review it, their app will show up on the app discovery page we linked to above.
i) Copy the OAuth Key and OAuth Secret and send them to 3rd Rock Grid via a support ticket
j) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.

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 3RD Rock Grid opens Gloebit Mall

3RD Rock Foundation agreed to the Communities’ request at the last community meeting and a citizen poll and has dedicated a new shopping area, named ‘Gloebit Mall’ This is to compliment the retail shopping area on Sifton Mall at Mullins. The new area is attracting the best designers on the grid such as Dawn Harbour, Donna Anna and Abigail Loon alongside some smaller retailers. We will also be opening a grid owned shop with the proceeds going towards the general server and charitable fund, which will carry the 3RG Assurance Mark of quality. We will be running both geodes- our grid currency – and gloebits alongside each other, giving our citizens’ choice and vendors the opportunity to sell in a universal currency.

Gloebit Mall
Gloebit Mall

We are very happy to accept people into the new mall, but they must have an excellent history of customer support and a good selection of items to sell. We are registered with the DMCA and we are very strict in enforcing and protecting creators’ content. The new mall is just filling at the moment ,and so if you have something special to sell contact me at 3RG by IM or notecard. The terms and conditions of allocation are strict, and as a showcase mall we want the best we can attract for our citizens and the wider metaverse. The shops will be rent free for a year pending a review.

Stichting ‘3RD Rock Grid Foundation’ is a not-for-profit corporation, registered in the Netherlands. Run by volunteers ( is one of the oldest OpenSimulator grids, and has been a part of virtual reality since December 2008. Since that time, it has led the way in experimenting with the social aspects of the three dimensional Internet, focussing on education, culture, arts and entertainment.

Best known for its charitable events for MSF ‘Doctors Without Borders’,3RG raises money throughout the year and at the ‘No Borders ROBstock’ Festival


Gloebits Mall can be found at – : mall


Zinnia Frenzy

Volunteer Program Director