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VPS login problem Windows 10 & Firestorm

Information from Firestorm

The issue of getting “stuck initializing VFS” is the result of a lack of support offered by Intel and Windows 10. It should only be affecting the 64bit version of Firestorm. The 32bit version of Firestorm should not be affected from what other users have reported.
As of our current release, Version 5.0.7., the Firestorm developers have come up with another workaround to compensate for this lack of support. So if you are wanting to use the 64bit version of Firestorm, could you please install the current release once again then before launching the viewer, follow the steps on this page

Thanks to Justyn Tyme for the information

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Kokua OS 4.2.

EDIT   -=–   The new version of 4.2.1 of Kokua is fine

I have had a report of chat not appearing using the new version of Kokua OS 4.2. so I would suggest that you do not use this version until we have it checked out


Kered Owl

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Missing My Suitcase in Firestorm

I have been asked about this a few times recently and after some searching have found the answer in a forum

How to get your My suitcase folder back
Many thanks to Brayla Sana for this information

Sometimes you cant see your “my suitcase” folder in your inventory. This is where you put items you want to take with you when you travel using Hypergrid.

If the folder is missing at the top right of the inventory window, you see a dropdown that says “All Types.” Click the arrow and select “custom” at the bottom. Click the checkbox that says “Always Show Folders.” Then you can see the Suitcase.


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Firestorm Viewer

We have experienced some problems with the new Firestorm (FS) Viewer(4.7.9) in the last week where people have not been able to set home. This is a know bug in FS and has been resolved in version 4.7.10 but this has not yet been released.

So if you have this problem use another viewer to set home.
The new Version of Kokua is under review and seems to work fine the windows version can be found Here

Kered Owl


Firestorm Voice Issue……

In the past we’ve asked our community to disable voice if they were using the Firestorm viewer on 3rd Rock Grid.
Recently, We have made some changes to our configuration to lessen the issues when using Firestorm with voice on our grid. Please continue to use the Firestorm viewer with voiced turned on, unless there is a problem.
So far, the early results look very good but we encourage our users to provide feedback of any and all issues while using the Firestorm viewer.