Tech Blog

New Website

Welcome to the new 3rd Rock Grid Website!

We’ve been anticipating going live with this new site for some time but wanted to make sure all was working well before changing over.

This section, “Tech Blog” is where I will keep everyone up to date on any significant changes to our systems, problems fixed, and various things we may be working on.

We have been working very hard lately on various projects behind the scenes to make our platform much more stable.

In the last 12 months we have made major changes to our configurations, the biggest was moving all of our processes from leased equipment to owned equipment. This move also included going with a new network provider.

Our old platform was hosted on services at a datacenter in Virginia, USA on leased servers which, provided decent performance, but at times caused us to experience network issues. Wanting to gain more control over these servers and our network connectivity we opted to purchase our own servers and place them online at a datacenter in Columbus, Ohio near me. This will allow me to personally oversee all server operations and tend to any maintenance issues which may be needed.

The move was not a trivial move by any means, it required moving a database which had grown to over 120gb. Transferring this data from the servers in Virginia to the new servers in Ohio was a very time consuming task which took several days to complete, but the connectivity gods were shining on us as it took only one attempt with very minimal downtime.

Once the data was in place in Ohio, we had to setup a new database, load the transferred data from the old database into the new database, and place the new database server online for use by our grid.

After several days running with the new database server, we continued our move by moving the grid and region processes over to the new datacenter.

We then had to repeat this process for our sister grid “”, which is, if you are not familiar with it, is a “Closed, Invitation Only” grid for use by educators.

All things considered, the move went very well with few hiccups.

Our website at the time was hosted on severs provided by yet another provider and we again chose to move this operation over to our own equipment.

All moves have been completed and we have recently been working on an upgrade path for our OpenSim version. Currently we are running a slightly customized version of 7.3, but we have been testing the 7.6 release code and have thus far found it to be a very nice candidate for our future upgrade.
Moving to this newer version required us to rewrite a bit of code for our customizations, but so far this has gone very smooth.

We are very close to making the switch with only a few things left to “Tidy up”.

After we have upgraded our running version of OpenSim we will then concentrate on various user related features which we hope will make our grid a leader in grid features once again.

So stay tuned, and thank you all for your patience during our behind the scenes work, we will continue to strive to providing the best platform possible for all of our enjoyment.

Butch Arnold