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Heya 3rg’ers…..

Copies of the community meeting minutes and chat logs are now available in 3 locations: in ‘Our Town’ on the main lower deck, in ‘Welcome’ on our new pager/info board located by one of the ramps, and also at the 3rd Telehub office, located in ‘Commerce’.  It is recommened that our citizens take a copy and familiarize themselves with the previous weeks minutes from the meetings. The meetings have also been reduced from every Saturday to the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, at least through the summer.  Meetings are held to bring together citizens and admins to discuss many grid related items and ideas. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend and contribute. There is also a new suggestion box in Welcome for our citizens to drop a notecard in with any suggestions you might want to share with the grid.

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Livin the Grid by Filemina Quinzinio

Filemina Quinzinio
Filemina Quinzinio

Hello there. I did not know how to start this small text , so opt for the obvious and begin saying that this is all about: I am the user (mostly) the avatar known as Filemina Quinzinio, and this text below is a summary of my experience on 3rd rock grid

People in RL sometimes thinks that what happens within the grids is false, an illusion that has us all captivated on unattainable dreams and fantasies . But I’m faithful to the idea that sometimes it through the ilusion when we learn most of our reality.

Before, I was the girl who sat up the back of the room , hoping not to be noticed … And when I was noticed, I didn’t feel that I should be taken for consideration, because in my point of view, I did not deserve it . In the past I hardly made eye contact with people I was talking to, and it was even harder to have me on an active role in the conversation. Before the grid , I had only had a boyfriend , which (making a big summary on that issue) was a complete moron. Sounds sad, but the truth is that I used to be like that, and I didn’t feel so bad about myself.

The town at Virreynato
The town at Virreynato

I entered the grid because a person I admire outside the grid (known in there as Juana deAsbaje ) was “experimenting” to be “baroque” in the computer. On the night of October 6 , knowing nothing more than how to move and talk ( old skills obtained in SL) , I got in… and in the few moments I was there with Juana, I realized I wanted more. My first achivment was joining the project Virreynato, of course, I was not as bright as Aldo and Juana. Surprisingly, one of the nights I was working in the grid , a classmate asked me which was the trick to “be different” inside. I changed my way of being inside the grid… and I had not even noticed, so I decided to do a series of experiments.

Have you ever heard of “The Hero with a Thousand Faces“ of Joseph Campbell? It is one of my favorite book since high school (not much time has passed since then…), in it, Campbell talks about a 12-step path in which people go through to have a change on their lifes. Well , I decided that the grid would became my path of adventure, and a change actually happened, because I let myself being carried away by the experience.

Within a few months I felt I should complicate the experience because somehow Filemina is my way of being , so I made Eduardo. It was when I was him that I behaved in a more extroverted way, and I met even more people through being him. After Marina came, the complete antithesis of Filemina, I set her as exclusive avatar of Virreynato (by its nature , be careful not to get her out… And indeed there were few people with whom I had contact).

Well, what resulted from all this? My life changed , and I just not became the most extroverted person in the world… But I have made many new friends , I have improved the relationships already had, and I’ve even gone out with several guys since I started my experiment on the grid more consciously . I’ve learned to be a leader , to propose my own ideas, to become more involved in different projects in RL … I learned to use Photoshop , Illustrator , Blender , and I grew curious to learn new tools ( I liked both of these tools to learn , I’ve begun to take college classes to enhance what I’ve learned ). It is true that I might not have returned to the grid as I used to on the first months, but I always have it on mind (it is so deep on my thoughts that I have made my thesis about the aesthetics of the Metaverse, how cool is that?). Whether I login with Filemina, Eduardo or Marina; I try to learn something new from them (my alter egos) and the people I know (the other users), to learn more about the arts-and-crafts in there, and the most important thing for me: to understand me better.


People, Perspectives, and Purpose

People, Perspectives, and Purpose
by Lazuli Pooraka


The other day while discussing the value of virtual existence with a few virtual friends, I was struck with the an overpowering recognition that the people surrounding me, even if only in their virtual forms, were some of my closest friends that I have ever had. I was aware that I had not met any of these people in my physical life but knew that each of them impacted my life as strong (or stronger) than the family and friends I shared existence in the physical world. Powerful relationships like these become a part of you, deep inside you and effect your  mental makeup. What I have come to know about my priorities in virtual existence is that people matter most and each one of us have our individual challenges and our gifts. As a virtual person I want strong and valuable relationships in my life and I want very much to have people find the incredible gift I have found in virtual life, each other. I want to be less concerned with me, and become more of a participant in the virtual we.


Astraios-WelcomeCenterThere have been many opportunities for me to gain insight and awareness from these virtual experiences. This effort has been in part a wonderful uplifting challenge and in other respects a frustrating energy draining weight, both have held great value to me. Through it all there has been one primary perspective that drives me to continue; Building a better world based on respect, empathy, and compassion! I do not want to be a leader but empower people to lead, I don’t want to create a world, I want to provide the palette where we paint a better world, together.


3RD rock grid  (3RG) has come through some challenges over the years, the grid itself has been created, supported, and populated by thousands of people over the course of it’s 6 years of life. The grid exists today, not because of my efforts, but because of a many people who gave their talents and efforts to keep the grid operating. Without their efforts we would be in the history books of virtual grids of the past. Both the grid technical efforts and the community building aspects of the grid owe a debt of gratitude to all who have, are, and will contribute and participate in the 3rd Rock Grid effort. Thank you.


To every single person that has been in 3RG,  participated in the support of the grid, website, land development, community, greeting, educational, and  event efforts, Thank You for your efforts.


Those of you who provide or have provided your musical and artistic skills to make 3rd Rock Grid a leading grid in entertainment, Thanks to You.


Those of our citizens that have found the ability to rent our virtual space to create your awesome content, and the merchants and consumers that participate in our economy, allowing us to create a solid hardware platform to create today’s more secure, stable, and available 3rdRockGrid, Thank You.


The great beauty of a platform like OpenSimulator is that the grid content is created by the citizens efforts. We have been fortunate to have had and continue to attract high quality builders that show their great skills and love for creativity in the many builds  that are already part of our grid experience. With the new “Themed Core” concept, we expect to see even more public space created for your virtual enjoyment. We are committed to making 3RG an enjoyable experience and exciting adventure for all of our citizens.


There is much to see in 3RG.


August 2013 is Fantasy Faire Month 3RG – LAND Special!


During the month of August, 3RG will be celebrating Fantasy Faire Month, with a building contest, events, great explorations and specials.

3rd Rock Grid is creating a Fantasy realm. Regions in development in a Fantasy themed areas of 3RG means that you can use the shared Fantasy realm for your role plays and story immersion efforts.  Imagine renting one or two “home” regions for your role play group, but having 8 additional regions to extend your stories.  We believe that supporting your efforts to create a fantastic fantasy role play neighborhood is the best way for for all parties to make ordinary become extraordinary.

To celebrate the inclusion of Fantasy Realm into our themed areas and bring awareness of the new areas, we are running an “under construction” special allowing you to bring your fantasy role play  builds to 3RG and immediately have already additional available regions in which to engage and explore with other fantasy groups.

Here are some of the 3rd  Rock Grid’s Core (mainland) advantages.

1) Each Region Adjoining protected access regions bordering at least one edge.alt

2) Themed access areas for shared use regions by all citizens of 3RG and significantly useful for the Fantasy roleplay landholders.

3) Cooperation and mutual advantage of similar groups creating themed neighborhoods.

4) Coordinated access system, allowing all land owners to be connected to a broader core transportation system.

5) The Grid Development Team works with the citizens to better enhance their experience and investment.


altDuring Fantasy month will be running a region special to create a fantasy foundation while we continue the development of the area.



Fantasy Faire Land Special
SPECIAL Pricing till 08/31/2013 Region Size (meters) Prim Limit Price list price in USD rental/month
Prim Standard $30.00 65536 sm (256×256) 15000 [was $75.00] now $60.00 (paypal) SPECIAL $30.00/mo.
Prim Themed size  $37.50 65536 sm (256×256) 30000 [was $90.00] Now $75.00 (paypal) SPECIAL $37.50/mo.
Avaialable regions:


Sprite – Sofie – Flickersong

Bumbleblossom – Oak Bottom


Terraforming of region borders must stay

compatible with adjoining land elevations features


altIf you have questions or want to know of other theme areas we are developing

for email  use :

or fill out a ticket at


Minethere Builds Regions One Mountain at a Time

MinethereMinethere Always, a self taught builder, is expanding her love of creating raw terrains on numerous grids. Through the creative efforts of terraformers, land is shaped to represent all matter of terrains, everything from tropical to mountains.


On Third Rock grid, she smoothed out a number of regions to make them much more presentable. She gave the grid a number of free terrains and oars, which are entire regions, prims, settings and ground. She also does private landscaping to suit the landowners’ need.


Minethere is multi-grid voyager. I’d met her on InWorldz. She came to 3rd rock grid when she was expanding out into the metaverse. She was offered a parcel and began creating RAW terrains, which are the entire grounds of a region.


The first region she created was in a closed commercial grid, she tells me as she scanned the fishing area that Linda and Punk Rock decorated. Some of the best creators in the metaverse allow her to use their items, with permission, to landscape a region. Ideas are generated from many places. She’s created high mountain terrains, rivers, hills and ponds.


She doesn’t scale the landscapes according to the size of the avatar, but she will gauge them by walking through the areas.


“I fly them to do the rough outs and walk to do the final smoothing,” she explained. “I have about 100 different regions on my harddrive.


Log on to her online store to see what she has available:  She sells all types of terrains, depending on the needs of the individual or couple. She doesn’t have any one type of bestseller. A lot of the work she does in-world is done by hand.


If you were to purchase a raw terrain, you would get a download link. After downloading, you can then upload to any region you own or rent. The ground textures do not save with the file so you would have to do that yourself. It’s a simple upload using estate tools.


“Or I can come in and do that.  My minimum is $15 USD or equivalent in a grid and I do accept tips, which I often get,” she said with a smile.



Celebrates 2nd Anniversary on 3RD ROCK GRID


In January 2013, UFS Astraios celebrated its 2nd Anniversary of being here on 3rd Rock Grid.

United Federation Starfleet is a world wide fan organization dedicated to the love of Star Trek, which enables the vision of Gene Rodenberry to be brought to life in virtual worlds such as 3RG.

UF Starfleet’s center of operations was set up on another virtual world (Second Life) several years ago and is said to be in the Delta quadrant of the galaxy. Hence when Starfleet officers came to 3RG, it was referred to as them having traveled hundreds of light years to the Gamma quadrant of the galaxy. A Starfleet colony was eventually set up on 3RG, which is referred to as being the planet Astraios Prime.

The Starfleet colony thrived with the building of a Welcome Center
and a Starfleet Academy. A state of the art Space Station was then built in orbit above Astraios Prime, enabling surveys to be conducted of the planet’s surface as well as safeguarding the surrounding sector of space.

The arrival of a small fleet of UFS spacecraft, based at the Space Station, enabled UFS Astraios to commence exploration of the sector and beyond. This has included the investigation of nearby planets, asteroids and nebulae as well as the discovery of black holes and worm holes.

Such investigations and discoveries are carried out by way of regular “in character role-play” of “away missions”. Additionally such “away missions” become adventures involving encounters with alien races and responding to distress calls. The story lines for these adventures use the basis of Star Trek as their inspiration.

As well as “in character role-play” UFS Astraios also holds regular social events, such as Starfleet Boogie and Seasonal Themed Dances to which everyone on 3RG is invited.

Over the weekend of Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September, UFS Astraios will be holding “open days” of the Astraios colony and also of its several newly opened associated Regions – so make a note in your diary and on your calendar to come along.none

Thus if the Star Trek movies and/or the various Star Trek television series has fired your imagination, why not live the dream with UFS Astraios here on 3RG – where you can explore strange new worlds, seek out new life & new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Cmdr David7 Bravin
Second Officer and Chief Science Officer
UFS Astraios