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On Friday November 21st at approx. 7am EST we will take the grid offline to perform an upgrade.
This upgrade will include moving us to the latest code and will also bring HyperGrid to 3RG.
By default, each “OWNED” region will “NOT” be HyperGrid Enabled.
We will provide tools for our users to allow each to selectively choose which of their regions, if any, will allow hyper grid visitors.
Initially, our HyperGrid export permissions will be very limited as we want to be sure we don’t get hurt by this.
Our initial testing on the beta grid has thus far been very successful and we feel confident our upgrade will go well.

There will be many changes to our platform during this upgrade so we expect the “Main” grid to be down until approx. 8pm on Sunday evening (11-23-14).
During this time, our Beta Grid will remain online.

Thank you for your patience.


New OpenSim Association… We Need You!

About a week or so ago I placed a post on the HyperGridBusiness website suggesting the creation of a new organization for all of the Grid Owners. The response to this proposal has been very great.
It seems many of the OpenSim based grids feel like such an organization is not only needed, but many have indicated support for such an organization.
Surprisingly, the response from others segments of the OpenSim Community was even larger.

My idea for a “Grid Owners” organization has now morphed into an organization for the entire OpenSim Community.
This organization has the potential of doing great things for the entire community, with ideas including Crowdfunding for new features, bug fixes, and enhancements, central resource repository, sharing of information and experiences, a directory of OpenSim based worlds and the list goes on and on.

This organization would be one formed by the community, for the community, and governed by the community.
All resources generated by the organization would be open to the entire community, including any and all crowd funded improvements, bug fixes, etc. as all code would be contributed back to the “Core” opensim code to be redistributed to all.

This organization would be open to developers, users, grid owners, and vendors.

Please read the post @ Hyper Grid Business, including the comments.
If, after you’ve read this and you think it is a good idea, please visit: and register.

Remember, we are currently in the beginning phase of defining our structure and goals and your input matters!


Our Terms of Service have changed….

Due to concerns of making sure we do our best to protect the content owned by others we have modified our TOS to reflect our policy on video, music, audio, and all other types of streams.
Please make sure to read and understand and if you have any questions please contact us.
You can view our TOS here:



Yesterday, One of our owners, Lazuli Pooraka announced his departure from virtual worlds to tend to Real life needs.
I know all too well how real life can grab hold of you and take you from the virtual spaces, as I too was forced to leave virtual worlds back in 2008 and did not return until Oct. 2012.

He has assured me that his departure is not health related, but his participation in the virtual space is consuming more time than he has available to tend to real life needs.

As the creator of 3rd Rock Grid, I am thankful for the efforts of anyone who has ever been a part of 3rd Rock Grid as it has been the sum of these efforts which has allowed our grid to remain online.
I truly believe the efforts Lazuli put forth in our grid literally saved it from extinction as it was his direction and guidance which has gotten us to this point and for this I thank him.

For those of you worried that 3RG may change, don’t be worried.
We still have the core beliefs that 3RG was founded on and we will continue to strive to make 3rd Rock Grid the best grid we can.

Maybe we’ll still see Lazuli from time to time as real life permits as this will always remain his grid as well as ours.

Thank you Lazuli, from all of us and don’t forget to visit when you can!

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Thanks for the Memories

To the 3RG Citizens

After over 5 years of efforts maintaining 3rd Rock Grid (3RG) as one of the top 10 premier virtual grids in the metaverse, I must unfortunately announce my immediate need to leave virtual life. The management and helpers of 3RG are amazing people who be able to facilitate the brightest of futures that 3RG will undoubtedly attain.

My personal hope is that each of you continue your support of 3RG and help create the absolute best virtual experience possible. As the fantastic citizens of 3RG you deserve that! If we all stay mindful to show respect, empathy, and compassion for each other, that alone will keep 3RG on the proper course.

I have made so many friends in virtual life and will miss all of you. Unfortunately, I can’t say goodbye to each of you personally but you will always be in my memories as I look back on my years in both Second Life and 3rd Rock Grid. I will maintain my email at for any who need to contact me.

May you all live long and prosper

Thank you very very much!

Lazuli Pooraka

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WOOOHOO.. 3rg reaches 10,000 signup tonight, Sept 24

At approximately 9:34pm, tonight, Sept 24, 2014…. we have hit a huge milestone…10,000 signups!!!  Be proud 3rg!!  Setting the next goal of 50,000 hehe.

With our impending upgrade and move to hypergrid.. who knows it might come sooner than we think!  10000 user1


3rd Rock Grid Donates $250.00

On August 20th, 2014, a very important member of the OpenSim community posted to it’s website that it had experienced a crash of a hard drive which has caused it to be offline since.
This grid has proven very helpful as it is the main test bed of the OpenSim software used by many.
3rd Rock Grid decided to help out with their recovery by giving a $250 donation to help with the costs of bringing their grid back online.
We also challenged other grids to do the same (
Kitely, and many others have stepped up to the plate to help.
If you are interested in helping please visit:

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Equinox Celebration Event

welcome for web article

Third Rock Grid would like to invite you to a celebration of the diversity of life on Earth, with a weekend of entertainment on, and including the 20th to the 22nd of September.

We are entering the phase of Equinox, where the seasons change as they have done since the planet came into existence. It’s an occasion that only happens x 2 a year on approximately the 20th of March and 22nd September. It’s when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south. So in the North the days get shorter, as Autumn and Winter is on its way . While on the other side of the celestial equator, it heralds the beginning of Spring and longer days of Summer. It’s always been a reason for celebration since time began. So whichever side of the equator you are living on, join us is some fun events , top quality live music , and competitions to celebrate!

We have something for everyone this Celestial weekend and some big money prizes for some of our competitions… As well as our regular live musicians, we are adding more artists to entertain you, some you have heard before – some not . Starfleet is organizing a civilian mission which I am told involves ‘Klingons’.  Now I got into serious trouble with the Admiral last year when he discovered I broke a Federation Starship… but it was fun, and gives you an insight into roleplay on the grid.

For the more competitive we have a Speedbuild event, some Orca racing, as well as the famous 3RG Walkway Race ,Treasure Hunt and Grid Explorers Club all taking place in the Community Core. Just a tip off – we have a series of underground passages you may know nothing about. Laz is the only person who knows them all . Don’t worry we will TP you out if you get lost. Stay alert , somebody may still be down there from last year!

We have Art events.  Elvodar Lamilton is going to read us a short story during the ‘Literary Hour’. He’s not saying what yet, but I am told its probably science fiction and humorous. He does this in voice, but also has text on display for translation .  So don’t worry if you have English as a second language, or if you can’t hear well in voice.

So all in all we have a really interesting weekend on 3RG , packed with things to do, places to visit and explore … as well as some competitions and some Geodes looking for a home in your pocket. Or you can kick down a gear and listen to our top quality live musicians, visit some galleries and arts events.  If you have an idea for some entertainment, or are a singer who wants to take part give Sunny ,Tommy or me a shout. Things are filling fast but we can always find room for something new.

So get it in your diary …. 20th to 22nd September inclusive, and if you have anything to add let’s get it on the calendar. Let’s make it a fun weekend for everybody!

The place –

and our events page

Hope to see you there.

Zinnia ( Bourne2 Rock) for the 3RG Entertainment Team.

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**Promotional Details!!**

3rgSciFIflyerJun14-14-4 NO FANTASY CON


These promotional flyers were handed out at certain RL events. Each flyer had a ‘code’ to

mention to get a deal upon registering and logging into 3rd Rock Grid.

It’s as simple as contacting an admin with the ‘code phrase’  to claim a free 3600m

parcel or get your 15% off an entire sim.  For the small parcel, simple renew

each month to retain ownership.  For the sim, simply make the monthly

tier payment.


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Community Gatherings-Date Changes!!

During the summer months, we have decided to hold our gatherings on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. They will still be held at 1pm and the location posted on the calendar and send in notices in-world. We know how RL can have an impact on in-world time but we feel these get- togethers are important to give our citizens and admins a time to discuss different aspects of things that impact the grid.  We strongly encourage everyone to attend and participate!!