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3RG Access

The Grid was down for a couple of hours today 27th August 2015 due to problems with the data lines on the East Coast of the USA

The problems have now been resolved and the grid is up and working.

Any problems should now be resolved, if not please contact support


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Stagnant Account Letter to All 3RG Citizens

Dear 3RD Rock Grid citizen,

As you may be aware, 3RD Rock Grid is going through a number of changes as we transition to a new ownership model. We hope all of these changes will contribute to making 3RG an even better place to call your virtual home.

One of the changes we have in mind is to transition away from our directly managing our currency, the Geode, otherwise known as the GO$. Most likely we will switch to the Podex Exchange (, which already supports a number of other grids, and provides the means of exchanging currency between those grids.

There are a number of reasons for this move, chief among them being legal changes being made in the US, Europe, and elsewhere that dramatically increase our liability, as well as the associated security issues.

As a part of this transition, we will ensure that all of our citizens’ account balances are converted in a way that is as orderly and convenient as possible. In preparation for this conversion, we will first deal with the balances remaining in stagnant accounts. For the purposes of this transition, we will define any account that has not been logged into or otherwise used in anyway in the last 18 months as being stagnant.

What does this mean for you?

First, if you regularly log in, and have a GO$ balance, you will continue to have that balance. Eventually that balance will be converted to the Podex. More information will be forthcoming as it becomes available. Meanwhile, you are free to request a cash-out if you like.

If your account is stagnant, and you have a GO$ balance, you will be given until 31st August 2015 to either reactivate the account (simply log in), or request a cash-out of that balance. That cash-out will be transferred to you via PayPal.

Any accounts remaining stagnant after that date will be considered abandoned, and all GO$ balances will reclaimed by 3RD Rock Grid, in keeping with our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the support page,

Best regards, and keep on Rocking!

The 3RD Rock Grid Board

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3RD Rock Grid announces a ‘Mini ROBstock Event’ for September

3RD Rock Grid announces a ‘Mini ROBstock Event’ for September

Always known for its vibrant music scene, and charitable efforts, 3RD Rock Grid would like to announce a day of music and literature in an effort to raise some funds for grid charity ‘Doctors Without Borders’, ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF).
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For the past eight years, 3RD Rock Grid has held ROBstock—a three day charitable event for MSF which has always proved to be successful and well supported by musicians and visitors. This year, with the first totally Hypergrid concert in March, the grid smashed through the $1000 dollar target on day two, and ended up increasing contributions to the doctors’ charity by a further 50%.

It’s an exciting time at 3RD Rock Grid. The grid owners—rather than make money for themselves—have given over the grid’s daily operation to an international group of volunteers, who are now in a position to be able to plough those efforts and funds back into the grid. This gives 3RD Rock Grid the opportunity to increase charitable work away from a purely commercial setting. Planning and work are under way to formalise this legally in the near future.

The community has always been 3RD Rock Grid’s greatest asset, and there are plans to give them a bigger say in how the grid is run with an emphasis on how virtual worlds can make a real difference in ‘real life’, not only with charitable works, but in promoting music, literature and education.

Times are changing, and with them people’s expectations of what the future holds. The people of 3RD Rock Grid want in their own small way to help make a difference in making the world a better place, using their virtual setting. The grid has an excellent relationship with many other grids, who have donated to events and have become firm friends and supporters. 3RD Rock Grid will be asking for their assistance again to make this event a success.

‘Mini ROBstock’ has been provisionally slated for Sunday, September 27th. Any musicians, poets, storytellers are welcome to contribute their time and tips to MSF, ‘Doctors Without Borders’. For more information about the event, contact the organiser, Zinnia Frenzy, in 3RD Rock Grid, via Skype as Zinnia.Frenzy, or by email at

To learn more about the charity MSF, please visit their website

3RD Rock Grid (, one of the oldest OpenSimulator grids, has been a part of virtual reality since December 2008. Since that time, it has led the way in experimenting with the social aspects of the three dimensional Internet, focussing on education, culture, arts, entertainment, and charity.

Tara Dockery, 3RD Rock Grid board member
3RD Rock Grid: Thoria Millgrove

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Community Gathering…………

Community Gathering ………………
We will now be starting ‘summer hours’ for our weekly Community Gathering. There will be NO meeting this saturday May 16 but will be one May 23, then every other Saturday until the fall hours kick back in. We hope everyone will still attend as we hope to plan upcoming ideas and events. Notices of times and locations will still be posted! See you then!

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Thank you to all our AWESOME supporters!!!!



512x512 TY




On behalf of the ROBstock Team I would just like to thank everybody for making last weekend such a huge success. To every musician and artist who gave their time free and managed the technological issues we threw at them at times, making life just a bit more difficult. They shone – each and every one of them – and made the weekend so very special, that we smashed through the initial target for Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders – MSF on day two. The people who came from all over the metaverse to support us,  were generous beyond all expectations and I have never felt so proud or humbled,  as how as a team of people from all grids, put aside everything to support us, in breaking the 2nd target we set on the last day. I know we had a great weekends entertainment ,it was reflected in such a generous response and each and every donation.

A thank you to the small team on 3RG for making this happen. The ‘Welcome Team’ for getting people to the event and missing all the fun. The technical team for keeping the grid stable and all those behind the scenes who managed this huge event. The bloggers and grids who supported us. Those that had no affiliation to 3 RG as a grid, who stepped in, and filled spaces that occurred when real life stepped in. 

A small rest, and planning will start again for ROBstock 9 . And dare I say it will bigger and more ambitious- but maybe in a different format. We as a community, feel that Virtual Worlds can make an impact in helping real life issues, and by putting aside who or where we come from in the metaverse , we can work together to make amazing things happen. A huge hug to you all , and for those who missed the event through illness and bereavement our thoughts are with you. 

 Zinnia for ROBstock 2015.

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ROBStock 2015 Music Festival

ROBstock is coming to 3RG very soon 27th -29th March and for a very worthy charity ‘Doctors Without Borders’ .This woman here is missing 2 acts on Friday, so if anybody’s up for it- musicians poets ,storytellers get in touch with me . You don’t wan’t to hear me sing … I can clear a shopping mall just humming! So look at the website and give the grid a break …
Check here for vacancies and information. for website

Can’t come ,maybe not a member of 3RG and don’t have geodes, but want to make a donation? Well you won’t miss out . We are streaming live to Twitch TV and 3RG Radio all weekend.

This is where to go , and you can donate in any currency, a large amount or small. Its all going to the Doctors, plus we have geode tip jars and links to this page that we have spread about the grid. So come and have a good time in a real festival setting – no mud- from the comfort of your armchair. And the price of a ticket? Well its not £130 a day – but a donation to this amazing charity would be welcome. Target $1000 … lets smash it.

A big thanks to all the artists who have signed on to give their time .. and thanks to Zinnia Frenzy for getting them all to agree to share the talent and time for this great event.


Looking for Freebies

The hunt and search for quality freebies is a never-ending quest for newer avatars. Sometimes, it can feel like being directed on an operation to retrieve a rare micro jellyfish in the world’s largest ocean. Although there are excellent freebies at the shops surrounding the Welcome Center, other freebie centers are hard to find on the grid. From my countless hours of roaming 3rd Rock Grid, I found that having an experienced friend makes the time consuming task a lot easier.

For one thing, a more experienced friend may have a few tricks and knowledge of exactly where the quality freebies are located. Surely, if the friend is expert creator then he or she might even show you to fabricate exceptional clothing templates or an alternative creation. By all means, cheerily take all the assorted landmarks and wise tricks but don’t forget to thank your friend for his or her time. Of course, this action most certainly assures that this person will think about when he or she comes across the next best freebie. After all, building up your inventory with quality goods is a rocky road but it can be accomplished.


Bringing Yourself Over

By now, you might undeniably miss the stylish glamor of your previous fully-loaded avatar from a somewhat similar grid. Unlike other residents who completely want to start over and leave the past far behind, the longing of familiarity is a normal comfort. Fortunately, not all hope is downright lost for regaining some of your former virtual life. Recovering the most noteworthy characteristic, in particular your avatar shape, of your previous appearance is fairly simple.

First, you must log in to the compatible grid onto the avatar account you wish reclaim your prior persona. Then and there, open the appearance option and merely copy the measurements of the avatar shape such as hand size 8 or waist 52 on an easily accessible Word Pad or Notepad to be saved as “My Avatar Shape.” Once again, open your 3rd Rock viewer on to your brand-new avatar and open the appearance option by left clicking yourself until your select appearance. Once standing in the usually “T” pose for editing appearance, all you have to do is apply the measurement numbers in the correct measurement spot. To finish, select “save” or “save as” to permanently preserve the shape. Ta-DA. You did it!

As can be visually seen, you are on your road to recreating your earlier character once more.


Open Ears: Taking Suggestions

Does my opinion of the grid matter?” you asked. “May I give an honest evaluation?” you questioned. “Is anyone listening?” you argued. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” answers 3rd Rock Grid. Absolutely, all suggestions and opinions of the users of 3rd Rock Grid is critical to our success. It is exceedingly necessary that all of our 3rd Rock Grid citizens use their mighty power of speech to let the staff know any unsettling concerns, recently encountered malfunctions, operational improvements, and awe-inspiring ideas. Next time a great spark from an idea or improvement for 3rd Rock Grid occurs, write it down on a note card to put in the suggest box at the Welcome Center (hop:// or, even better, present it at the weekly Community Gathering on Saturdays at 1pm (


Where You Belong

Often times, people search for interest groups for security, self-esteem enhancement, expansion or distribute of knowledge, pleasure of social needs, and to reach particular goals or objectives. Ultimately, it answers the question “Where do I belong?”

Even in a computer-generated domain, the demand to stumble upon fascinating avatars is great. In 3rd Rock Grid, just like in high school, there is a plethora of groups to join. More or less groups are family groups where you can have overjoyed youngsters plus simply enchanting parents in your ancestry, several groups are VIP club groups designed for guests to be welcomed to listen to live performances in a friendly environment, and a few are specialty groups dedicated to unique hobbies like role playing Star Trek in the United Federation Starfleet organization. In spite of all these delightful groups, there is one that I would like to recommend called the 3GD Community Chat group. In my opinion, this group is the beginners’ guide to discovering exactly where you may fit in 3rd Rock Grid. The 3RG Community Chat group provides an assortment of events, community hangouts, community meetings, and any prominent information happening on the grid such as certain regions being unavailable until fixed. Generally speaking, this group is peaceful place for all 3rd Rock Grid residents to collect with each other.

Either way, the journey of finding where you belong can be a little problematic in an unfamiliar world. In the long run, the road to discovery starts off general and then it gets smaller with more details to find the perfect fit for you.