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ROBStock 2015 Music Festival

ROBstock is coming to 3RG very soon 27th -29th March and for a very worthy charity ‘Doctors Without Borders’ .This woman here is missing 2 acts on Friday, so if anybody’s up for it- musicians poets ,storytellers get in touch with me . You don’t wan’t to hear me sing … I can clear a shopping mall just humming! So look at the website and give the grid a break …
Check here for vacancies and information. for website

Can’t come ,maybe not a member of 3RG and don’t have geodes, but want to make a donation? Well you won’t miss out . We are streaming live to Twitch TV and 3RG Radio all weekend.

This is where to go , and you can donate in any currency, a large amount or small. Its all going to the Doctors, plus we have geode tip jars and links to this page that we have spread about the grid. So come and have a good time in a real festival setting – no mud- from the comfort of your armchair. And the price of a ticket? Well its not ¬£130 a day – but a donation to this amazing charity would be welcome. Target $1000 … lets smash it. ¬†

A big thanks to all the artists who have signed on to give their time .. and thanks to Zinnia Frenzy for getting them all to agree to share the talent and time for this great event.

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On Friday November 21st at approx. 7am EST we will take the grid offline to perform an upgrade.
This upgrade will include moving us to the latest code and will also bring HyperGrid to 3RG.
By default, each “OWNED” region will “NOT” be HyperGrid Enabled.
We will provide tools for our users to allow each to selectively choose which of their regions, if any, will allow hyper grid visitors.
Initially, our HyperGrid export permissions will be very limited as we want to be sure we don’t get hurt by this.
Our initial testing on the beta grid has thus far been very successful and we feel confident our upgrade will go well.

There will be many changes to our platform during this upgrade so we expect the “Main” grid to be down until approx. 8pm on Sunday evening (11-23-14).
During this time, our Beta Grid will remain online.

Thank you for your patience.

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Patch Applied….

Yesterday, November 11th, 2014 the developers of OpenSim released a security patch which has been applied to all regions of our grid.

Information about this issue as released by the developers….

“There is only one change in these releases. This is to fix an issue where llRemoteLoadScriptPin() does not treat the pin ‘0’ as an unset pin. By default, all prims have a pin set to 0. Therefore, this bug allows llRemoteLoadScriptPin() to specify a 0 pin to load scripts into owned prims with no pin set where this should not be possible.

Unless you are very sure that no user will run a script from an untrusted source, we would advise you to update as soon as possible. There are no database migrations or config changes in this release compared to the previous in the series, so all config files can be used without alteration.

This bug was introduced more than 6 years ago with the original llRemoteLoadScriptPin() implementation and so affects all versions of OpenSimulator at least from 0.4. If you are using a version of OpenSimulator older than 0.7.4 (which was released in August 2012) then you will need to upgrade or apply the patch in commit 5aa8ba1 manually.

Many thanks to Tranquility Dexter of Inworldz for pointing out the bug and the fix. “


New OpenSim Association… We Need You!

About a week or so ago I placed a post on the HyperGridBusiness website suggesting the creation of a new organization for all of the Grid Owners. The response to this proposal has been very great.
It seems many of the OpenSim based grids feel like such an organization is not only needed, but many have indicated support for such an organization.
Surprisingly, the response from others segments of the OpenSim Community was even larger.

My idea for a “Grid Owners” organization has now morphed into an organization for the entire OpenSim Community.
This organization has the potential of doing great things for the entire community, with ideas including Crowdfunding for new features, bug fixes, and enhancements, central resource repository, sharing of information and experiences, a directory of OpenSim based worlds and the list goes on and on.

This organization would be one formed by the community, for the community, and governed by the community.
All resources generated by the organization would be open to the entire community, including any and all crowd funded improvements, bug fixes, etc. as all code would be contributed back to the “Core” opensim code to be redistributed to all.

This organization would be open to developers, users, grid owners, and vendors.

Please read the post @ Hyper Grid Business, including the comments.
If, after you’ve read this and you think it is a good idea, please visit: and register.

Remember, we are currently in the beginning phase of defining our structure and goals and your input matters!


Our Terms of Service have changed….

Due to concerns of making sure we do our best to protect the content owned by others we have modified our TOS to reflect our policy on video, music, audio, and all other types of streams.
Please make sure to read and understand and if you have any questions please contact us.
You can view our TOS here:



Yesterday, One of our owners, Lazuli Pooraka announced his departure from virtual worlds to tend to Real life needs.
I know all too well how real life can grab hold of you and take you from the virtual spaces, as I too was forced to leave virtual worlds back in 2008 and did not return until Oct. 2012.

He has assured me that his departure is not health related, but his participation in the virtual space is consuming more time than he has available to tend to real life needs.

As the creator of 3rd Rock Grid, I am thankful for the efforts of anyone who has ever been a part of 3rd Rock Grid as it has been the sum of these efforts which has allowed our grid to remain online.
I truly believe the efforts Lazuli put forth in our grid literally saved it from extinction as it was his direction and guidance which has gotten us to this point and for this I thank him.

For those of you worried that 3RG may change, don’t be worried.
We still have the core beliefs that 3RG was founded on and we will continue to strive to make 3rd Rock Grid the best grid we can.

Maybe we’ll still see Lazuli from time to time as real life permits as this will always remain his grid as well as ours.

Thank you Lazuli, from all of us and don’t forget to visit when you can!

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Our Backup/Recovery Plan

Due to the recent issues OsGrid had with their hard drive array, I have received many inquiries about how we would handle such a situation.
Backup procedures/restorations vary from person to person, while there are many “Common” solutions, there will always be an argument about which is best.
It’s like Ford is better than Chevrolet, Or Chevrolet is better than Dodge, Coke is better than Pepsi, etc.


By what I’ve heard, it seems osgrid had a raid 10 array which they used for their assets.
Raid 10 is typically a very good solution as not only do you get “Raid”, but you also get striping.
Striping is when data is stored on multiple drives instead of a single drive.
To be more clear, if I were to store my name; “Butch Arnold” on a single drive with no striping, my name would exist exactly as “Butch Arnold” on that single drive.
If I stored my name on multiple drives using striping, I might get the name “Butch” stored on the 1st drive, while my last name might be stored on a 2nd drive.
To some, striping is a common practice and when it is working correctly, helps to retrieve the data much faster because it can read the data from 2 drives (or more) at the same time.
Those who think striping is bad usually think this because troubles similar to those experienced by osgrid has happened.

I’m not a striping or raid “Hater”, but I’ve chosen not to use them due to this risk.


Instead, we have a primary database on one machine which feeds 2 other slave databases located on 2 more separate machines.
Each evening, we make a backup of one of these databases and we store it on that specific machine and we send a copy of that same backup to yet another machine and also to an amazon hosted storage area.

We also generate individual region oar files and region database backups each night and store them in a similar fashion.

I’m not saying this is the way it should be done, but this has worked well for us.
It has allowed us to retrieve a backup of a specific region using either a database backup, or an oar file whenever we’ve needed it.


All data storage methods will fail at some point, you can count on that.
The trick is, in my opinion, to be ready to restore your data using backups stored in multiple locations as it is unlikely that all of these separate storage devices will fail at one time.

I’m not second guessing anyone here, the operators of osgrid I’m sure had systems in place, and it’s unfortunate that they failed.

In our configuration, if our main database fails we can quickly switch over to one of our slave databases.
If, for some reason, our slave databases contain corrupted data and cannot be used, we can then install a completely new database and rebuild it using one of our backups to restore our grid to that point.


My thoughts on backups are to do them regularly, store them on several physical machines, and have a plan in place to restore if needed.
Even our backup plans could fail due to unforeseen circumstances, but it is highly unlikely that our main database would fail, and our second and third databases would fail, and even more unlikely that each one of our backups are lost since they are stored on separate machines.

What happened to OSgrid could happen to anyone, the lesson to be learned here is to be ready in case it happens to you.


Another part of this which helps me sleep better is the fact we own all of our equipment.
We have 2 “Spare”, “HOT” servers running online and are there if we need them in a hurry for grid use.
We also have a 3rd spare server which is offline, but can be placed online in an hour or so and be ready for our use if needed.
We use both HP and Dell servers and we have the in house knowledge and ability to do repairs and upgrades on them as needed.
The datacenter we use is located just a short drive from me and I can go there at ant time, day or night and work on our servers myself.

While our solution may not work for some, it has worked well for us thus far.


3rd Rock Grid Donates $250.00

On August 20th, 2014, a very important member of the OpenSim community posted to it’s website that it had experienced a crash of a hard drive which has caused it to be offline since.
This grid has proven very helpful as it is the main test bed of the OpenSim software used by many.
3rd Rock Grid decided to help out with their recovery by giving a $250 donation to help with the costs of bringing their grid back online.
We also challenged other grids to do the same (
Kitely, and many others have stepped up to the plate to help.
If you are interested in helping please visit:


Firestorm Voice Issue……

In the past we’ve asked our community to disable voice if they were using the Firestorm viewer on 3rd Rock Grid.
Recently, We have made some changes to our configuration to lessen the issues when using Firestorm with voice on our grid. Please continue to use the Firestorm viewer with voiced turned on, unless there is a problem.
So far, the early results look very good but we encourage our users to provide feedback of any and all issues while using the Firestorm viewer.

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Server issue overnight (USA TIME)

We experienced an issue overnight with one of our servers which caused many regions to become unresponsive. We were able to isolate the issue, correct it and restart all regions on that server.
Those regions are back online and responding normally.