August 2013 is Fantasy Faire Month 3RG – LAND Special!


During the month of August, 3RG will be celebrating Fantasy Faire Month, with a building contest, events, great explorations and specials.

3rd Rock Grid is creating a Fantasy realm. Regions in development in a Fantasy themed areas of 3RG means that you can use the shared Fantasy realm for your role plays and story immersion efforts.  Imagine renting one or two “home” regions for your role play group, but having 8 additional regions to extend your stories.  We believe that supporting your efforts to create a fantastic fantasy role play neighborhood is the best way for for all parties to make ordinary become extraordinary.

To celebrate the inclusion of Fantasy Realm into our themed areas and bring awareness of the new areas, we are running an “under construction” special allowing you to bring your fantasy role play  builds to 3RG and immediately have already additional available regions in which to engage and explore with other fantasy groups.

Here are some of the 3rd  Rock Grid’s Core (mainland) advantages.

1) Each Region Adjoining protected access regions bordering at least one edge.alt

2) Themed access areas for shared use regions by all citizens of 3RG and significantly useful for the Fantasy roleplay landholders.

3) Cooperation and mutual advantage of similar groups creating themed neighborhoods.

4) Coordinated access system, allowing all land owners to be connected to a broader core transportation system.

5) The Grid Development Team works with the citizens to better enhance their experience and investment.


altDuring Fantasy month will be running a region special to create a fantasy foundation while we continue the development of the area.



Fantasy Faire Land Special
SPECIAL Pricing till 08/31/2013 Region Size (meters) Prim Limit Price list price in USD rental/month
Prim Standard $30.00 65536 sm (256×256) 15000 [was $75.00] now $60.00 (paypal) SPECIAL $30.00/mo.
Prim Themed size  $37.50 65536 sm (256×256) 30000 [was $90.00] Now $75.00 (paypal) SPECIAL $37.50/mo.
Avaialable regions:


Sprite – Sofie – Flickersong

Bumbleblossom – Oak Bottom


Terraforming of region borders must stay

compatible with adjoining land elevations features


altIf you have questions or want to know of other theme areas we are developing

for email  use :

or fill out a ticket at