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3RD Rock Grid is one of the oldest OpenSimulator grids, and has been a part of virtual reality since December 2007. Since that time, it has led the way in experimenting with the social aspects of the three dimensional Internet, focusing on education, culture, arts, entertainment and charity. We are also Hypergrid enabled.

Our Pricing

Standard Regions

Maximum Prims8,00015,00020,00030,00050,000
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Variable Regions

2 x 2 VARIABLE REGION20,000$20.00
3 x 3 VARIABLE REGION30,000$30.00
4 x 4 VARIABLE REGION40,000$40.00
5 x 5 VARIABLE REGION50,000$50.00
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Water Regions

inherited from linked region1,000$1
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Larger sizes available on request.

Setup Charges:
There is no setup charge for any region types.