3rd Rock ROBStock Festival



banner for website ROBstock is coming to 3RG very soon 27th -29th March and for a very worthy charity ‘Doctors  Without Borders’ .This woman here is missing 2 acts on Friday, so if anybody’s up for it-  musicians poets ,storytellers get in touch with me . You don’t wan’t to hear me sing … I can clear a  shopping mall just humming! So look at the website and give the grid a break …
Check here for vacancies and information.

Can’t come ,maybe not a member of 3RG and don’t have geodes, but want to make a donation?  Well you won’t miss out . We are streaming live to Twitch TV and 3RG Radio all weekend.

This is where to go , and you can donate in any currency, a large amount or small. Its all going to  the Doctors, plus we have geode tip jars and links to this page that we have spread about the grid. So come and have a good time in a real festival setting – no mud- from the comfort of your armchair. And the price of a ticket? Well its not £130 a day – but a donation to this amazing charity would be welcome. Target $1000 … lets smash it.       https://www.justgiving.com/RobStock-2015


A BIG thanks to everyone who makes the ROBStock Festival happen!!  It is always a ‘frenzy’ to put all the pieces  together… I guess that is where Zinnia Frenzy, who gathers and organizes the artists, among other things, gets her avatar name.. and lives up to it!!!!