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3RD Rock Grid announces a ‘Mini ROBstock Event’ for September

3RD Rock Grid announces a ‘Mini ROBstock Event’ for September

Always known for its vibrant music scene, and charitable efforts, 3RD Rock Grid would like to announce a day of music and literature in an effort to raise some funds for grid charity ‘Doctors Without Borders’, ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF).
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For the past eight years, 3RD Rock Grid has held ROBstock—a three day charitable event for MSF which has always proved to be successful and well supported by musicians and visitors. This year, with the first totally Hypergrid concert in March, the grid smashed through the $1000 dollar target on day two, and ended up increasing contributions to the doctors’ charity by a further 50%.

It’s an exciting time at 3RD Rock Grid. The grid owners—rather than make money for themselves—have given over the grid’s daily operation to an international group of volunteers, who are now in a position to be able to plough those efforts and funds back into the grid. This gives 3RD Rock Grid the opportunity to increase charitable work away from a purely commercial setting. Planning and work are under way to formalise this legally in the near future.

The community has always been 3RD Rock Grid’s greatest asset, and there are plans to give them a bigger say in how the grid is run with an emphasis on how virtual worlds can make a real difference in ‘real life’, not only with charitable works, but in promoting music, literature and education.

Times are changing, and with them people’s expectations of what the future holds. The people of 3RD Rock Grid want in their own small way to help make a difference in making the world a better place, using their virtual setting. The grid has an excellent relationship with many other grids, who have donated to events and have become firm friends and supporters. 3RD Rock Grid will be asking for their assistance again to make this event a success.

‘Mini ROBstock’ has been provisionally slated for Sunday, September 27th. Any musicians, poets, storytellers are welcome to contribute their time and tips to MSF, ‘Doctors Without Borders’. For more information about the event, contact the organiser, Zinnia Frenzy, in 3RD Rock Grid, via Skype as Zinnia.Frenzy, or by email at

To learn more about the charity MSF, please visit their website

3RD Rock Grid (, one of the oldest OpenSimulator grids, has been a part of virtual reality since December 2008. Since that time, it has led the way in experimenting with the social aspects of the three dimensional Internet, focussing on education, culture, arts, entertainment, and charity.

Tara Dockery, 3RD Rock Grid board member
3RD Rock Grid: Thoria Millgrove