Celebrates 2nd Anniversary on 3RD ROCK GRID


In January 2013, UFS Astraios celebrated its 2nd Anniversary of being here on 3rd Rock Grid.

United Federation Starfleet is a world wide fan organization dedicated to the love of Star Trek, which enables the vision of Gene Rodenberry to be brought to life in virtual worlds such as 3RG.

UF Starfleet’s center of operations was set up on another virtual world (Second Life) several years ago and is said to be in the Delta quadrant of the galaxy. Hence when Starfleet officers came to 3RG, it was referred to as them having traveled hundreds of light years to the Gamma quadrant of the galaxy. A Starfleet colony was eventually set up on 3RG, which is referred to as being the planet Astraios Prime.

The Starfleet colony thrived with the building of a Welcome Center
and a Starfleet Academy. A state of the art Space Station was then built in orbit above Astraios Prime, enabling surveys to be conducted of the planet’s surface as well as safeguarding the surrounding sector of space.

The arrival of a small fleet of UFS spacecraft, based at the Space Station, enabled UFS Astraios to commence exploration of the sector and beyond. This has included the investigation of nearby planets, asteroids and nebulae as well as the discovery of black holes and worm holes.

Such investigations and discoveries are carried out by way of regular “in character role-play” of “away missions”. Additionally such “away missions” become adventures involving encounters with alien races and responding to distress calls. The story lines for these adventures use the basis of Star Trek as their inspiration.

As well as “in character role-play” UFS Astraios also holds regular social events, such as Starfleet Boogie and Seasonal Themed Dances to which everyone on 3RG is invited.

Over the weekend of Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September, UFS Astraios will be holding “open days” of the Astraios colony and also of its several newly opened associated Regions – so make a note in your diary and on your calendar to come along.none

Thus if the Star Trek movies and/or the various Star Trek television series has fired your imagination, why not live the dream with UFS Astraios here on 3RG – where you can explore strange new worlds, seek out new life & new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Cmdr David7 Bravin
Second Officer and Chief Science Officer
UFS Astraios